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good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm aaron gilchrist in for barbara harrison today. it is friday, july 22nd, and right now president obama is on the university of maryland campus in college park. you're looking live now. the president will be holding a town hall to discuss the ongoing debt ceiling issue and look for suggestions on how to cut the deficit. he's expected to tell the 1,200 participants in the ritchie coliseum that tax increases must be part of the plan combined with spending cuts. another issue the president will discuss with students is how to stem the rising cost of public education. as you can see, the meeting has
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not begun just yet. we'll stay on top of that for you, though. now to the extreme heat. an 18-year-old west point cadet from fairmont, west virginia, died, possibly from excessive heat during training. a spokesperson at west point says jacob bower was found unresponsive during field training near camp buckner last night. attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. meanwhile, the heat forced the university of d.c. to close its van ness campus today. it is a red air quality alert today, altogether, it is simply miserable outside. but some people are finding ways to stay cool or trying to find ways to stay cool. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live now from the silver spring ymca. there's a pool, megan, i don't know how you're not in it right now. >> reporter: i know, i know. believe me, after i get off work later today, i will be soaking in a pool, or maybe even hiding in the air-conditioning. it is absolutely brutally hot out here. there's humidity, the sun is just beating down. it is miserable out here. it's like a furnace.
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so whatever you do today, whether it be to hide inside your house in the air-conditioning, go to a mall, be in the pool like these folks, you're going to want to do something like that, because you certainly don't want to be outside. what do you like about swimming? >> um, flipping. watch. >> reporter: whether you're doing underwater flips or just soaking, being in a pool is one way to keep cool on a blistering hot day. >> the pool water's pretty warm, but it helps being in the pool. definitely helps being in the pool. >> it helps while you're in there, but, you know, you have to come out, so that doesn't help that much. >> reporter: sitting yourself in front of a fan is another way to beat the heat. in bethesda, they've seen a spike in the sale of good old-fashioned fans. >> well, i've got to tell you, we're probablying three to four more times in the way of fans, that is pip mean, where people will buy one, now they're buying
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two or three, each of them. it's, i think a lot of ac units may be going down out there. may be overworked. >> reporter: the university of the direct of columbia is a virtual ghost town today. although air conditioned, with temperatures expected to be 100 degrees of higher, the cooling system just can't keep up, so the university went ahead and canceled classes at the main campus. >> you know, the good news for us is there's not a whole lot of activity going on on a friday in the summertime anyway. so out of concern for our employees who might have some sensitivity to hot weather, we decided to go ahead and to cancel activities on campus today. just the van ness campus. >> reporter: but some folks are willing to break a sweat. exercise boot camp went on as scheduled this morning, despite the heat, although they did take some precautions. >> well, just standing here stretching, we're already sweating, so we're taking more water breaks and trying not to run as much.
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just kind of keep us going and grab a break as we need it. >> reporter: now, those folks were out early, though, with the boot camp, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. so they got their workout in before it got too terribly hot. not a good idea to exert yourself at all during the noonday period, because it is just blistering hot out here. and this excessive heat warning isn't going to go away when the sun starts to go down lower in the sky. it's going to be with us until 10:00 tonight. so not a good situation. go hide in the air-conditioning. that's my advice. aaron, back to you. >> and it's time for you to follow your own advice, megan. we'll see you. >> reporter: see ya. 2,000 yards! ten-second fuse! >> it's not just the gunfire that's heating things up at the manassas battle reenactment. the excessive heat warning is causing changes for the reenactors. outdoor programs scheduled between 2:00 and 5:00 will not happen today. the indoor visitor center will
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remain open. there's not word yet if the heat will affect tomorrow's activities. taking a live look outside right now, it is so hot you can almost see the sizzle out there. veronica johnson joins us now with a look at how long this will last, how bad it's going to get, how bad it is right now, veronica. >> exactly. that's just it. we've got extreme heat right now. temperatures are very high, in the upper 90s throughout the area. but it's the humidity that's really getting the best of us. certainly did during the overnight period when i came in early this morning. around 3:00, the heat index then was at 97 degrees. so extreme heat, excessive humidity that's been nonstop. nonstop it continues. that heat index reading at 112 degrees with 97 right in d.c. and inside the beltway. foggy bottom at 97. forest heights to marysville, your heat temperature. from 112 at shaw to 112 over to dewarrenton. camp springs reading at 112
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currently. so going with a heat index today that will be between with 110 and 120. the good news, if there's any, that our heat is going to peak today, a high of 101, perhaps even 102, after 99 yesterday. tomorrow, i think a high temperature of 100 degrees. of course, we will have more of the dangerous type of situation around tomorrow, where those of us will be quite vulnerable for any heat illnesses. we'll talk about some upcoming rain this weekend and a nice cooldown, coming our way next week with your seven-day forecast. back to you. >> all right. see you in a bit. thanks, veronica. with almost 750,000 riders a day, metro has a tall task to keep commuters cool, but this week, the extreme heat has been wilting both man and machine, causing air-conditioners to malfunction, trains to be delayed, and riders to really sweat as they climb broken escalators. news 4's melissa mollet has more on how metro is handling the heat from dupont circle. >> reporter: here at dupont circle, early friday morning, six escalators out of service,
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leaving customers a little hot under the collar. >> metro's been sticky, sweaty, hot. >> reporter: for metro riders, workers can't fix the hot cars or these broken-drown escalators quickly enough. the extreme heat has been tough for everyone, crews and commuters alike. >> when they get on and see that it's hot, they want to turn around, and then the doors are closing on people, so that was hectic. >> reporter: crews are working overtime this week to repair escalators and any cars without air-conditioning. out of the fleet's 1128 cars, 45, or about 4%, were reported as hot thursday. once a hot car is reported, one of the system's -- >> all right. it appears we're having some trouble with that tape. we'll see if we can get that back for you. for now, though, we are on top of breaking news that's coming in right now out of oslo, norway, where a massive explosion has killed one person and rocked the government headquarters. that blast shattered several
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windows in the building, which includes the prime minister's office. there are also several reports of injuries. we'll bring you more information on this as we're able to gather it. traffic moving again this midday on i-95 in prince william county. take a look. hours after a tractor-trailer overturned as it merged on to the highway, the truck was headed southbound on 95 in the dale city area when it flipped. that caused a big mess and even bigger traffic jams during the morning rush. the on-ramp at route 123 was closed for some time. the accident has since been cleared. also new today, one person is dead following a crash involving a tour bus and a tractor-trailer in new york. police say the driver of the tractor-trailer died from his injuries. that crash happened on interstate 90, which is a main route through central new york. investigators say the bus, which was carrying about 50 people from ontario to new york city had experienced mechanical problems and it may have been pulling back on to the highway when the accident happened. about 20 of the passengers were taken to the hospital.
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right now vice president joe biden is swearing in leon panetta as secretary of defense at the pentagon. you're looking at live pictures from there right now. panetta is taking over from robert gates, who served as defense secretaries under presidents bush and obama. the 73-year-old panetta was previously director of the cia. general david petraeus is taking over that position. panetta was chief of staff for president clinton from 1994 to 1997. and one of panetta's first actions as defense secretary will be to take the last steps towards allowing gays to serve openly in the military. panetta is expected to certify the repeal of don't ask, don't tell today. it would then be 60 days before it becomes official. the president signed the bill repealing that ban last december. your time right now is 11:09. coming up on "news 4 midday," the phone-hacking investigation expands from britain to the u.s. why a british actor says he was caught up in the scandal while here in the u.s. then lindsay lohan in trouble again. why the actress says she stopped
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seeking treatment.
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subpoenas are being prepared as part of an investigation into claims that news corp. tried to hack into phones of september 11th victims. "the wall street journal," which is owned by news corp., reports the justice department is getting ready to deliver the subpoenas, but there's no word on who will receive them. the fbi opened an investigation into the allegations last week and the senate is considering
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asking rupert murdoch to come to capitol hill to testify about those claims. the fbi also looking into allegations from actor jude law that the news organization hacked into his cell phone while he was in the u.s. he says that a story published back in 2003 was based on information that could only have been obtained from his voice mail. law is also suing another murdoch paper, "the sun," saying the tabloid hacked into his phone again in 2005 and in 2006. lindsay lohan is in more hot water. the troubled actress appeared before a judge for the sixth time this year yesterday. nbc's aditi roy reports this time that lohan claims she's having financial problems. >> reporter: a familiar sight. lindsay lohan back in court on thursday. this time for a progress report in front of judge stephanie statner, who was less than satisfied with lohan's efforts to meet her probation requirements. >> i will not take into consideration "sorry, couldn't
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do it, i was on the set." >> reporter: at issue, community service. since april, lohan has served just four out of 60 court-mandated days at a woman's shelter and morgue, a commitment she must meet within a year. >> trust me, she will be held to that deadline. >> reporter: another requirement, psychiatric help. lohan's attorney, shawn chapman holly, says her client couldn't afford it. >> she was working with a psychiatrist at ucla, and the reasons that that treatment ended was for financial reasons. >> reporter: that argument didn't sway the judge. >> if she doesn't have the means, maybe she knows somebody who can help out. >> reporter: online reports immediately questioned the star's claims of being broke, pointing out the price tag of her designer christian lieu bhuton shoes, $1,000. >> like most people, she made the classic defense move, i can't afford therapy. the problem is, lindsay lohan is not the classic defendant it's kind of hard to make an argument
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that you can't afford therapy when you're strutting your lou bhutons to court. >> reporter: could lohan end up spending more times behind bars? >> when someone is on probation, it means if they do anything to break the law or cause any problems, that that could bring their old case back up. >> reporter: on thursday, lohan was also slapped with a civil lawsuit from dawn bradley, an employee at the betty ford center, who claims lohan assaulted her. criminal charges in the case were dropped by prosecutors. >> and that was aditi roy reporting. the judge ordered lohan to find psychological counseling within 21 days. her lawyer says that will happen. if it does, lohan won't have to report to court again until october. let's switch gears now and talk about our forecast. meteorologist veronica johnson is here. yesterday was unbearably hot. today, a step past that? three steps past that? i don't know. >> there really is no forgetting
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yesterday, because it was very, very hot. extreme heat through the area and such high humidity that really didn't ease up during the overnight. and now, well, we never got a chance really to recover, and now today's going to be worse with a heat index will be up around 120 degrees in a few neighborhoods. let's head to the weather wall and talk about how much longer this is going to last and when we'll get some relief. 97 is the temperature here before noontime. the heat index, 112. that dew point temperature is at 77 degrees. for a couple of hours yesterday, that number went just over 80 degrees. it was the first time that we've done that around here, seeing such high dew point temperatures and humidity in the air since 2002. first time. all right, where we are right now, the temperatures, 97 here. 97 in manassas, culpepper, fredericksburg, virginia at 97 degrees. up i-95, hot i-95, 97 degrees. 99, mt. ari, already.
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the actual air temperature. so again, reason why we've got such high numbers when it comes to the heat index and what feels like. the range, about 107 in leesburg to 118 degrees already in fredericksburg, virginia. a lot of high humidity. something we don't see too often around here, not this high, and something that as we take a look at the heat index values, through the entire nation, we have the highest number right here in d.c. that includes even areas just down to the south, around raleigh, north carolina. we've got a lot of advisories, naturally, through the area. still in a lot of excessive heat warnings, still back in chicago, kansas city. but they're getting some cooling thunderstorms right now. that's just on the edge of them. you can see the kplcomplex ther. that's associated with a wetter front that's going to be moving through this area on sunday. so sunday, we will start cooling down. a look at those powerful storms just on the northwest side of the city. so they're going to get hit with a whole lot of rain and probably
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some high wind and maybe even some hail. for the next couple of hours for us, here's 12:30 in the morning. you can see there were a few storms that were firing up just to the west early today. so i'm just going with an isolated thunderstorm now. and then as we get into saturday, there'll be more high clouds drifting through. another hazy type of day with a very, very slight chance of an isolated storm too coming our way on saturday. so high temperatures throughout the area today. 98 to about 103. maybe 104, a few spots down to the south. get out of the way again so you can see that 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. temperature. that late, running back up to around 90 degrees. at 5:00 a.m., 81 to 82 degrees. so today, stifling, sweltering, the suffocating type of heat that we had around the area yesterday. in fact, even more so. for your evening, uncomfortable, indeed. 97 to 90 degrees. make sure you check on anyone that doesn't have ac. make sure you check on a friend, a loved one, the elderly.
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make sure they're okay. tomorrow's high, 100 degrees. we could get a few passing storms. i think a better chance for that rain on sunday from the front that i showed you. a high temperature of 94 degrees. so some much-needed rainfall around here. monday, 90, still perhaps a little wet too, but i like the fact that monday we'll be back to 90 degrees. back to near average here in d.c. for the summer, and then the remainder of the week, we've got some dry conditions. definitely less humid conditions next week. >> i love normal. or average, i guess. thanks, veronica. well, track work and repairs will cause some delays this weekend for metro. on the orange line, metro crews are making repairs to the west and east falls church stations. those stations will still be open, but there will be delays. on the red line, trains will share one track between dupont circle and judiciary square as workers repair the ceiling and other parts of the stations. the track work starts at 10:00 tonight and will go until closing time on sunday. a big time saver for metro
11:20 am
riders is coming. you will soon be able to add money to your electronic fair cards online. the program allows smart trip users to avoid the lines at the vending machines and reload your fair card on a website that has yet to be unveiled. metro has been testing the program with about 5,000 riders. by the end of august, though, the service should be available to everyone. another time saver for you. the metro has given the green light to a virtual tunnel between the farragut north and farragut west metro stations. riders would still have to leave the tunnel and walk the block between them, but you wouldn't be charged for reentry. this would allow people to easily transfer between the red, orange, and blue lines. after months of monitoring and around the clock tests, one of the national zoo's giant female pans day is not pregnant. zoo doctors were confident that may jong was pregnant, but they
11:21 am
determined she was simply experiencing what's called pseudo pregnancy. it's difficult to determine if a panda is pregnant until the final weeks of gestation. your time is 11:21. just ahead, we check out what's happening at the box office. a little something for everybody, an action flick, a romantic comedy more. and former senator ted kennedy's d.c. home is sold. first, a look at what's hot on
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the summer of big-budget comic book movies goes back in time this weekend. chris evans stars in "captain america." a scientist performs an experiment on him and turns him into a pumped up super soldier, who sets off to save the world. "captain america" is rated pg-13. what's wrong with the couch? it's less emotional. >> the bedroom has better light, and since we're just friends -- >> if you're looking for something a little bit less intense, check out "friends with benefits." justin timberlake and mila kunis star as friends who see how things would go if they become more than just friends. despite warnings from other friends and family, "friends
11:25 am
with benefits" is rated "r." earth is replicated elsewhere. there's another you out there. >> what if there was another earth out there, with another you as well. that's the premise of the new sci-fi thriller "another earth." it stars brit marling as a young astrophysicist who can't resist the chance to find a better version of herself when a duplicate of her home planet is discovered. "another earth" is rated pg-13. a piece of camelot is now off the market. the late senator ted kennedy's mansion in northwest washington just got sold. the republic of gubon bought the state for $6.8 million, and that may be a still when the original asking price was just under $8 million. >> the thing that people will really see when they come here to view the dress is just how beautiful the detail is.
11:26 am
>> the fairy tale of this summer's royal with wedding will last a little bit longer. royal lovers will be able to see the glamour of kate middleton's dress up close and personal along with her veil and shoes. this is part of the annual summer exhibition at buckingham palace. and don't get excited about getting tickets for this, not going to be easy. they expect demand for the display to be twice that of the normal exhibition. it will stay on display for ten weeks. your time now is 11:26. coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday," the deadline to raise the debt ceiling fast approaching. we're following the last-minute meetings between the white house and congressional leaders. plus, veronica johnson here with how long this heat dome will stay over us. [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable.
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-- the 14th amendment, there is, there is a provision in our constitution that speaks to making sure that the united states meets its obligations. and there have been some suggestions -- >> live pictures right now from the university of maryland, where president obama is holding a town hall meeting there in college park to get suggestions from people on how to cut the national debt. he's asking for a balanced approach to deficit reduction, whether it's higher taxes or spending cuts. >> the -- have been relentless in the efforts to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al qaeda.
11:30 am
and al qaeda's extremist affiliates. >> and again, live, you're listening to now secretary of defense leon panetta. he was sworn in today by the vice president, joe biden, as secretary of defense. he's taking over from robert gates, who served as defense secretary under presidents bush and obama. the 73-year-old panetta was previously the director of the cia. general david petraeus is taking over that position from him. this heat has become so severe, it's actually closed a college campus here in the district. the university of the district of columbia's van ness campus closed today because of the excessive heat. all the other campuses are open and operating normally and essential employees must still report for the van ness campus. school officials say the older chiller system can't cool buildings properly during weather that's this hot. let's check in with veronica johnson once again for the latest on our forecast and the
11:31 am
triple digits we're seeing out there, at least heat index wise. >> that's right. heat index wise, and as far as the air temperature goes today too. we started out so high this morning with the air temperature as well as with the humidity that just didn't let up last night. we dropped only to 83 degrees last night. so we maxed out this morning. the previous overnight low was 81 degrees. so we had a new max low temperature at 83 to start the day today. let's take a look at the heat index values across the area. there from 114 in frederick, maryland, and around mt. ari. you folk in gaithersburg, kensington, poolesville, wheaton area, your heat index is at 110. it's at 109 degree just to the west. marysville and false church at 115 from culpepper to fredericksburg. so i think we'll see heat index values around the area today, 115 to 120 degrees today. i know it doesn't sound great, but for later today, by 4:00, 116. that's the numbers changing there. late tonight, heat index at 109.
11:32 am
and by tomorrow morning, there's your saturday morning. it will start out feeling like 94 degrees. just one more day of this, and that will be tomorrow. and a look at your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> see you then. with almost 750,000 riders a day, metro has a tall task to keep commuters cool. this week, though, the extreme heat has been wilting both man and machine, causing air-conditioners to malfunction, trains to be delayed, and riders to sweat. once again, melissa mollet has more on how riders are handling the heat. >> reporter: more than six escalators out of service, leaving customers hot under collar. for metro riders, workers can't fix the hot cars or these broken-down escalators quickly enough. the extreme heat has been tough for everyone, crews and commuters alike. >> when they get on and see that it's hot, they want to turn around and then the doors are closing on people, so that's hectic. >> crews are working overtime
11:33 am
this week to repair escalators and any cars without air-conditioning. out of the fleet's 128 cars, 45 or about 4% were reported as hot thursday. once a hot car is reported, one of the system's 40 maintenance technicians will meet the train to try to cool things down. >> they can radio ahead and have those car maintenance folks step aboard, even to troubleshoot it, and if they can't fix it, they'll take the car out of service. >> reporter: part of the problems, when trains wait, they typically do so with their doors open, losing lots of cool air. it's something a metro spokesman says they're trying to change. another issue, the tracks. the outside temperature plus the sunlight can actually heat them to 140 degrees, and at that temperature, a track can lose its shape. >> it's about as bad as it gets, but we're making do. >> reporter: others, though, not having such a terrible time. >> i've been hot, but actually the car i was on yesterday going home was air conditioned and it was great.
11:34 am
so metro's doing a pretty good job. >> reporter: rider barbara crowley might be hot, but she's definitely happy about one thing. >> it's been on time, though. it's been on time. >> reporter: metro officials say if the ac is indeed out in a car that you're riding in, make sure to alert the driver but pushing the emergency intercom. in dupont circle, melissa mollet, news 4. >> staying in the ac is one way to keep yourself safe from this dangerous heat. you also want to make sure you drink plenty of fluid, water's best, and start drinking before you get thirsty. it's also okay to use sports drinks, which will help replenish your salt and electrolytes and protect your skin if you do have to go out by wearing sunscreen and appropriate clothing along with scheduling things around the hottest part of the day. investigators trying to figure out what led to a shooting involving a d.c. police officer. they say one man was shot around 10:00 last night in the 5800 block of 13th street northwest. police say officers were responding to reports of a man with a gun. the victim did survive that shooting. the officer who authorities say
11:35 am
pulled the trigger was not hurt. today is the day. the white house says a deal to raise the nation's debt limit must be reached today to beat the august 2nd deadline. at that point, the government could default on its loans. nbc's brian mooar is on capitol hill now with the latest on the negotiations. >> reporter: this morning in the u.s. senate, a vote on legislation that would put a constitutional limit on government spending. >> cut, cap and balance is the correct approach, because this is fundamentally a spending problem. >> the yays are 234 and the nays are 190. >> reporter: it passed the republican-controlled house earlier this week, but no one expected the legislation to survive the senate. instead, it's been seen as a necessary hurdle toward a deal on raising the debt ceiling. >> the house republican extremists have forced this piece of political theater. >> reporter: the white house says this is d-day. the day a deal has to be in place to beat the august 2nd
11:36 am
deadline. >> we are clearly under the gun here, the clock is ticking. >> reporter: but despite another flurry of meetings on thursday, the two sides are far apart. democrats are standing their ground on entitlements. republicans won't give in to more taxes or spending. with time and uncle sam's credit running short, washington is looking for a quick fix to a monumental problem. today in "usa today," president obama is laying out the argument for a big deal with what he calls revenue razorisers. republicans are calling them tax increases. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> a long-term agreement may be out of reach at this point, but momentum is building around a short-term backup plan. that plan would cut spending by about $1 trillion and raise the debt limit by a similar amount. it would also postpone the default deadline until early next year. football fans could celebrate the end of the nfl
11:37 am
lockout, or they may have to wait, actually. after 132 days, it does appear -- actually, we just learned that a few moments ago, the players union will not -- the players union will not vote today out of respect for patriots owner, robert kraft. his wife, myra, recently passed away. yesterday the owners ratified a new ten-year collective bargaining agreement that gives players 48% of the league's revenue. but the players still have to sign off on the deal. redskins' defensive tackle lorenzo alexander says the players union will take its time, because this deal is not just about the current players, but also future players. >> i know there's a lot of public pressure on the players right now, especially to get something done. the owners have already voted on it, but at the same time, it's a the business deal, and you really want to get the best deal that's done for everybody. not just players that are in the league now, but future players. because the deal is ten years long and you can't opt out of it. >> reporter: the owners have given the players until tuesday to make a decision. nasa might be done with
11:38 am
launching the space shuttles, but it is committed to going to mars. the next mars rover, aptly named with curiosity is expected to land in august of 2012 and for two years will study whether mars had conditions that could support life or if life ever existed there. they picked the crater, because if water existed on mars, it would most likely flow down to a low elevation point. your time right now is 11:38. coming up, mekel mistakes. how you can prevent doctors from op
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and our approach is also focused on treatment, prevention, and part of our challenge is also getting into schools early and making sure that young people recognize the perils of drug use. now, am i, you know, just to make sure that i'm actually answering your question, am i willing to pursue a decriminalization strategy as an approach? no. >> live again to president obama, answering questions as a town hall meeting at the university of maryland.
11:42 am
this is happening in college park, partly designed to get suggestions from people on how to cut the national debt. as you just heard, addressing other issues as well, including balancing -- a balanced approach, rather, to deficit reduction and whether it's higher taxes or spending. the president addressing all those questions for folks at the university of maryland right now. it is a bittersweet day for book lovers. going out of business sales will start today at some of the more than 200 borders bookstores around the country. a bankruptcy judge approved the bookstore liquidation plan yesterday. borders has been looking for buyers since it declared bankruptcy in february. so far, though, no takers, and that means 11,000 employees will soon be out of work, including those from 18 stores in our area. there are talks, though, that rival books a million will buy about 35 of the closing stores. now let's he can the stocks today. cnbc's jane wells joins us live from the l.a. bureau with that and all your day's business headlines. jane? >> hi, aaron. with a second sort of bailout of
11:43 am
greece and no decision on our own federal debt situation, the markets are mixed today so far. the dow's down from what i'm seeing, it's down about 32 points. the nasdaq up slightly about a third of a percentage point. and the s&p, kind of flat. oil's getting awfully close to 100 again on hopes that some economic uncertainty has been lifted in europe. as that second bailout package has been approved for greece. caterpillar profits, meantime, grew 44% this quarter, but earnings were not as good as wall street expected. shares way down as the company cited some slowness here in the u.s. as well as in china. meantime, ge sales were up, but are going back down. had a very good earnings report. house speaker republican john boehner says there is no deal being agreed to behind closed doors with democrats to come up with plan that allows the government to raise its debt limit by august 2nd. the senate is now taking up a house plan which the president does not like. google is spending big bucks in d.c., shelling out more than $2
11:44 am
million for the first time this spring on lobbying in washington. that is 54% more than what google spent a year ago and even more than what microsoft is spending. and aaron, if you've been to a apple store, you know what they look like, the white wall, the genius bar, all those employees in blue shirts. well, with this store sells apple products, but it's not licensed to do so, and reportedly the store is so authentic, have beeven employee thought they were working for apple. no word yet on what the reaeeal apple has to say about all this. >> thanks a lot, jane. well, medical mistakes are rare, but when they happen, they can be life-changing. now there's a new push to lower specific mistakes, operating on the wrong site, and in some cases, the wrong patient. there are as many as 40 cases of wrong-site surgeries a week. now, this is a serious and preventable problem. dr. steven hopping joins us this morning to talk more about this
11:45 am
issue. it's something that surprises a lot of people, that this could even happen. but let's start with your definition. wrong-site surgery. >> aaron, it is something that should never happen, but unfortunately, it does happen. so it can be -- wrong site. it can be the right operation on the wrong leg. it can be the wrong operation on the right leg. it can be the wrong operation on the wrong patient. so all of these are wrong-site surgeries that should be avoided, but sometimes happen. >> and you would think that you go into a surgery, you can trust your surgeon will do what he's supposed to do. how do these things happen? >> again, these are busy o institutions, a series of operations. sometimes surgeons are going from one room to the other. and it's an oversight. it's bad communication. >> studies have shown -- the joint commission study showed if we can demonstrate, if we can take a time-out before every operation, we can reduce the incidence of this by 40%, which is huge. that's the state of the art and
11:46 am
this is one of the ways we can help prevent this. >> we've got some tips that you've supplied. and first you say, tell everybody what's going on. nc inform the nurses, the anesthesiologists. >> some of us can't even tell a taxicab driver to slow down when he's speeding, but that's human nature. but you've got to speak up in hospitals. tell the nurses, tell the anesthesiologist, tell the surgeon. read your consent, make sure it says the right leg. and when you're in the operating room, ask them to do the time-out. if you're an accredited facility, the time-out is now the standard of care. what happens in a time-out, everything stops, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the nurses all communicate, this is mrs. so-and-so, she's allergic to this, we're doing this operation on this leg. everybody in agreement? and everybody has to concur.
11:47 am
it's nice to hear that as a patient. and you can confirm too. >> also, you say markings are important. >> take a magic marker, if it's the right knee, mark the right knee. make sure there are no other marks on your body. again, the most important thing is communication, be proactive, look at your consent swb speak out. >> i'm just looking at the markings there. do that yourself. is what you're saying? and many hospitals are now doing this. the surgeon does it, the patients confirm it, the nurses perform it. >> cut here. >> on the dotted line. >> also, you should say you should double check, the consent, the documentation around your surgery? >> absolutely. people right before surgery, they look at the consent. this is the legal document that tells them what they're doing. you sign this consent and this is what you're giving them permission to do. it's important that that consent
11:48 am
be appropriate. >> and lastly, it really, i mean, you can't overemphasize just how important it is -- this is your body and it's your surgery and you can't be passive about something so significant, right? >> right. just do not assume that the -- that everybody knows the right thing to do. especially in today's busy institutions. >> all right. dr. steven hopping, we appreciate you providing tips for folks going into surgery. >> thank you, aaron. >> the time right now is 11:48 on this friday morning. coming up next, the divorce between arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver looks like it could get nasty. we'll tell you why. and veronica johnson is back with another check on our forecast. 96 degrees here in upper d.c. that's the air temperature. it feels a whole lot hotter. stick around.
11:49 am
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11:51 am
new this morning, the opening lineup at the fillmore concert hall in downtown silver spring is out. the grand opening of the long-awaited venue will be on september 15th. the opening artist is r&b singer mary j. blige. the acts include most def, blondy, cheap trick, and lewis black. tickets go on sale july 29th at
11:52 am
10:00 in the morning. did you know about that? >> absolutely. it's going to be huge. >> sorry, i should have introduced you first. not that you need an introduction. tommy mcfly wiis here with our friday lineup. >> i love that they have lewis black, he's a silver spring native and just hilarious. >> this morning you were talking to the duchess of york. >> yes, fergie ferg was on the air. >> let's play a clip and then we'll talk about it. >> communicate, compromise, and compassion. and you have to make him communicate. he's not communicate -- if he's being a jerk, it means that he's got issues of jealousy, of resentment, he can't lose control. to sit him down with a third person or somebody that she really knows and says, look, we've lived together, we've done a lot together. let's not sabotage our beautiful life that we did when we got married. >> all right. so what's up with her? >> on my show, kelly colson is
11:53 am
going through kind of a rough divorce and fergie has been through one of the roughest divorces in history, very public. so kelly asked her, do you have any divorce advice? because her and the prince are getting along very well. she stays in his house when she goes to england. and kelly says, we are nowhere near that. can you give us any advice? so fergie went off and gave her really cool advice. a very therapeutic moment on the air this morning. >> kelly going to use it? >> yeah, absolutely. >> we'll see how that goes then. >> she can always say, the duchess said so. >> see if that works, for sure. let's talk about arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. the divorce is making some news today, but you also just heard something about one of their kids? >> we just heard that their 13-year-old son, christopher, was actually injured in a surfing accident a few days ago. he's been in icu the last couple of days, he has broken bones, a collapsed lung. but it's tmz, so take it with a grain of salt. >> i think "people" magazine is actually backing that up. we'll dig a little more and see
11:54 am
if we can get some more for our afternoon newscast. >> today it came out in the "l.a. times" that schwarzenegger does not want to pay maria shriver spousal support, which is such an unusual move, and i feel like i'm a divorce expert here, but that's an unusual move considering he did father a love child out of wedlock for ten years. so that, you know, like one of those situations you're kind of just like cower in the corner and hope it doesn't go too badly. but he's like terminating and hitting back. >> pun intended? >> yeah. it's going to get real interesting with this one. >> didn't want to pay up? we'll see how that goes. and it's really hot out. you've been scoping out the places to go. >> i know you were wearing shorts during the morning show. we were watching -- >> i was? >> we put it out to the listeners what to do. go to the movies, go to the mall. there's an indoor pool in germantown by the soccer plex which is really cool. and also where the caps practice hockey at the boston common mall, there is year-round ice
11:55 am
skating. so you can do ice skating in 100 thousand degree heat like we're having this weekend. so that's a nice juxtaposition. >> any off-the-wall stuff come up -- >> yeah. >> people get really creative with these things. >> i'm going to air this. kristy mcentire ran in the studio and goes, growing up, my kids, when they were littler and it was really hot, we would put them in the tub. i would just draw a cool tub and they would hang out in the tub. i would watch them, of course, but the tub was like their recreational watertime activity. >> so for the kids, maybe just go hang out in the tub for a little while. >> what you do in your tub is your own business. >> the whole list of thing to do in the summertime and the whole podcast. >> so we'll see you on monday. they'll hear you next week. >> i'll see you in your shorts. >> my outdoor shorts.
11:56 am
not those shorts. >> 49.7 fresh a.m., tommy mcfly. >> have a great weekend. >> you too. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following here for news 4. pat lawson muse is here with the preview. >> and we'll all be in shorts before this day is over. you'll be in good company. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, brian mcknight has a new album out and is performing tonight. he stopped by our studios a few minutes ago, and his interview with jim handly is coming up tonight at 4:00. and at 5:00 tonight, it's like groupon, but with a twist. how this website is helping people find deep discounts while helping charities here in the washington region. those stories tonight starting on news 4 at 4:00. aaron? >> thank you, pat. we'll see you later. let's get one last look at that forecast before we leave you this morning. veronica johnson is here with a look at that. hey, veronica. >> we'll want to take a big deep
11:57 am
breath before you head outside. it's another stifling day for us. indeed, that weather is going to be most intense today before it sits back down tomorrow and before we see the actual air temperature drop back down. you can see where some of the heat indices are right now. running at 111. 112 to 114 in manassas and warrenton. down toward culpepper, stafford, and waldorf, it feels like 117 right now. a sweltering day, 98 to 102. meanwhile, for the evening, not much relief. that's the thing is that during the overnight hours, that humidity will remain very high again. we'll drop from 97 to 90 degrees. but, of course, you could add about another 5 to 8 degrees on to that as to what it will feel like. for your beach forecast, if you're going to be heading there this weekend for cooling down, 77 is the water temperature now at ocean city. and for saturday and sunday, 98 on saturday, the relief also
11:58 am
there on sunday with a chance for thunderstorms, as will be the case here. some thunderstorms coming to the area with a cold front. it's really going to take a lot off this heat. 94, the high temperature on sunday. but i've got to tell you, saturday is not looking too pretty either. >> all right. so we like that later in the forecast, you get rid of those three-digit -- >> next week. next week is going to be nice. >> have a good weekend. >> thanks. >> that is it for "news 4 midday." appreciate you joining us. be sure to tune in at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 later today for all the day's news. we'll see you then. until then sw, have a good week.
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